A complete approach

Financial Insights provides a complete modelling approach from building new or fixing existing strategic and operational models, through to spreadsheet risk reduction and guidance on best practice modelling techniques for your critical models to ensure they are robust, accurate and fit for purpose.

We use specialist spreadsheet auditing software as part of our process to give additional peace of mind.


Free Health Check

We offer a free initial review of modelling and spreadsheet risk exposure within your business and advice on how those risks can be addressed.


Our modelling services

Model build and reconstruction

  • Integrated, flexible budgets, forecasts, business plans and business models

  • Financial evaluation of strategic options for key decisions

  • Analysis of contract terms, their impact and risks

  • Increased business resilience through 'what if' scenario evaluation and sensitivity analysis

  • Repair, rebuilding and standardisation of existing models

  • Cost-effective spreadsheets for SMEs, start-ups and funding applications

Independent peer reviews

  • Independent quality review of critical spreadsheets and models underpinning your key decisions to give you more confidence in their reliability, suitability and outputs

  • Coding and logic review supported by specialist auditing software to provide a third line of defence in reducing spreadsheet and decision risk

Best practice guidance

  • Advice on best practice modelling from initial scope to designing, building, testing, reviewing and refining your model, including spreadsheet risk reduction

  • Development of best practice critical model and spreadsheet procedures

  • Tools and training to improve your internal modelling and spreadsheet practices

Take a fresh look at your in-house modelling practices


I believe the financial model to be a well built model, which has benefited from the improvements that Kirsten has made.. and captures best practice.....
— Head of Financial Planning, NDA
Thanks once again Kirsten, you are a spreadsheet superstar!
— Project Manager, NDA