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Thank you for your time and expertise over the last few months. I know that this will prove invaluable as the team and I make a number of critical decisions over the next few months and I would be grateful indeed if I could reserve the right to call you for further assistance.
— Managing Director, nuclear client
The level of analysis and commentary / options provided were just what we needed and are actively addressing for our final submission. It is also helpful in explaining the risks to our Executive in the UK and overseas.
— Director, nuclear client
NIASS have worked with Kirsten on several occasions in the last 3 years within the role of our consultative team providing collaborative bid support to end clients. Kirsten has always been a major contributor and a most helpful partner to enable successful delivery of required client deliverables.

Kirsten demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of financial and commercial domains which has proved extremely key to successful delivery. We cannot recommend Kirsten more highly than stating we would be delighted to work together again in future.
— Steve Hughes, Director, NIASS Consulting
Kirsten has consistently delivered a high class service in a bespoke and very professional manner. The services provided have been widely appreciated by Thomas Thor and our clients. I can fully recommend Kirsten as an extremely reliable individual who knows her craft well and I would be happy to discuss with any potential clients of Financial Insights, should the need arise.
— Head of UK Projects, Thomas Thor Associates
Kirsten’s knowledge and understanding provided valuable support and correct interpretation of the financial requirements, manner and format of information required for our bid submission. Kirsten was very persistent, but entirely correct, in her translation of the requirements back to our group and it was due to her expertise and diligence that we passed the Financial section. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kirsten again and sincerely hope that we have that opportunity. I would always request Kirsten’s support on our financial issues in future.
— Vice President, Global Nuclear Group
Kirsten’s wealth of experience in developing sophisticated financial models and monitoring tools enabled us to develop a bespoke financial model linked to our business plan. This has proved invaluable in managing the charity going forwards and given us greater confidence in the accuracy and quality of management information and monitoring that we undertake. Kirsten’s support proved second to none and I would thoroughly recommend her.
— Sean Day, Centre Director, Lake District Calvert Trust

Kirsten provides the essential decision support service for business managers. Her clear, graphic presentation with understandable and readable reports reduce both complexity and risk to allow confident decision making.
— William Roberts, Senior CFO

I hear from the Commercial Director (and others) that your input into the project was super. Well done and thank you.
— Chief Financial Officer, NDA

Kirsten, your excellent business case was well received by the DECC Approvals Committee. They suggested that it was large improvement on those received (from other organisations), almost holding it up as an exemplar. Well done.
— Commercial Lead, NDA

...a strong and recognised contribution from Kirsten. All feedback received plus my own highlight the considerable effort that Kirsten has put into this deal whilst undertaking another key role. Kirsten has a very strong work ethic and dedication to work.
— Head of Financial Planning, NDA

I have been very impressed with Kirsten’s ability to move from one demanding project to another a number of times in a day, with constant interruptions from the respective project team members to fulfil urgent queries whilst Kirsten has been trying to work on her contribution. She has shown a professional attitude in a demanding environment as she has strived and managed to meet the deadlines with quality results.
— Head of Financial Planning, NDA

Thanks once again Kirsten, you are a spreadsheet superstar!
— Project Manager, NDA

Kirsten is a reliable support to the Commercial team and has carved her niche in commercial deals to make maximum use of her financial skills. Kirsten also worked very closely with Shareholder Executive and has been noted as having worked very diligently on these deals.
— Head of Financial Planning, NDA

I believe the financial model to be a well built model, which has benefited from the improvements that Kirsten has made ...and captures best practice.....
— Head of Financial Planning, NDA

Kirsten’s reports are always well articulated, well structured and clear.... work undertaken highlights the effort Kirsten puts in to projects, her attention to detail and her commitment to meeting deadlines.
— Head of Financial Planning, NDA

Kirsten works extremely well in a project team as evidenced by feedback received.
— Head of Commercial Finance, NDA

Kirsten has demonstrated a high level of competency in the commercial contract drafting area, having knowledge of a number of contracts to consider contract amendments and to maximise benefit to the business.
— Head of Financial Planning, NDA